Saturday, November 5, 2011

Late Halloween Craft

Since I didn't have a camera, I almost forgot about this.

I don't normally decorate for Halloween, just fall. (That way it lasts a lot longer and I love fall - the colors, leaves, etc.) But, when I saw this, it was just too cute to resist.

This was on You Can Make This in their free section. Yes, you read it correctly. The pattern and instructions for this project were free. I already had the fabric (it's not that big, so a larger scrap piece will suffice), and the embroidery thread. I just had to purchase the black rhinestones (used 40% off coupon - it was more expensive than I expected it to be but not too bad with coupon), picture frame (Hobby Lobby $10 and then 1/2 off sale - $5) and the sheer ribbon (again 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby - don't remember the price). This project was really reasonable.

I could take it out of the frame and store with my fall stuff and use the picture frame all year (black frame goes with everything - especially black and white photos which I absolutely adore) or I could store it as is. Either way, I loved this project. It was quick and easy to make and it looked cute on the coffee table or book shelf.

You really need to check out You Can Make This. I love that website!!!!!!!!

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