Friday, October 9, 2009

Gooey Gunk

Do you have young scientists in your family, do your kids like making concoctions, do you have boys that just like to make a mess (like I do)? If so, you need to check out Kid Concoctions.

I first saw the Thomas' several years ago on the Carol Duvall Show and instantly liked them and thier ideas. I got online and ordered 2 of their books. While I was at the MOPS Convention a couple of weeks ago, I took a workshop that the Thomas' were giving about their Kid Concoctions (I bought another book). Great workshop.

They have 'recipes' for all sorts of things that cost a lot of money at the store, but you can make it at home a whole lot cheaper with ingredients around the house (mostly from your kitchen).

Last night we made GooeyGunk. I used neon green food coloring (thinking that would be cool - instead the boys said it looked like snot - they are right, hint: if you make this use blue or purple or something other than green). *See pictures below.* [If you buy GooeyGunk in the store, it would be called 'Slime.']

See what my boys are doing with it. (That's o.k. I'm not sure either, but they are having fun doing it.)

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Cheap Cindy said...

This is so gross - and awesome! Thanks!

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