Thursday, February 27, 2014

More Boot Cuffs

I found my pictures that I had lost of previous boot cuff that I made (although this is not all of the boot cuffs I made).  Some were gifts and I failed to take a pic before I gave them away.

Here are the buttons I used (love the deal $0.50/ea. when they were regularly priced at $7.49/ea.).  I really like the look of the buttons also.

I used Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick in 'Wheat'.

These were finger knitted.  This was the first time I tried finger knitting.  I really like the non-perfect (primitive and rustic) look of the finger knitting.

Here they are with the buttons sewn on.  I found the tutorial here at The Kurtz Corner.

Here they are with my boots.

Sorry about the glare with the flash.

Here is another pair that I made.  I knitted these with knitting needles and used the knit stitch.
It is hard to tell from the pic, but I used 2 strands of yarn (2 different colors -  Vanna's Choice in Chocolate and Vanna's Choice in Charcoal).  I used US size 13 needles.  (Bamboo needles are my favorite.)

Last pic with the buttons sewn on.  I didn't use a pattern here.  I just knitted across 3 or 4 inches (as tall as I wanted them to be) and then kept knitting until they went around the calf of my leg.  I then sewed the 2 short ends together to form the cuff.  It was a quick and easy project I did when the temp was in the single digits (unusually cold for around here) and I just wanted to stay inside where it was warm and cozy.

What's cozier than working with yarn and drinking coffee or hot chocolate?


TwistieTips said...

It looks great you did a great job Jena. I would love to make this kind of Boot Cuffs as well. I would like to suggest you shoelace charms to add a charming look to your favorite pair of shoes!
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Jena said...

Thank you! Your Twistie Tips are very cute.

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