Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I am so ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning about 5:30 someone got stuck in the creek (joy riding), my husband helped the police get them unstuck (Frank pulled them out with his tractor). Frank found them before the police arrived and one man got out of the driver's seat and another man got out of the passenger seat. They were both drunk (one - the one that got out of the driver's seat - was so bad that his speech was slurred really badly), the other wasn't quite as bad - my DH said he could at least talk.

The one that was in the driver's seat (before the police arrived) and is also the owner of the truck had a revoked license. Of course the man that got out of the passenger seat claimed that he was driving, but he didn't have a driver's license on him (that's illegal too, by the way).

Keep in mind...(1) that they are BOTH drunk, (2) they were stuck in a creek at 5:30 a.m. after they had been joy riding (the creek is private property) - (3) so they were also trespassing and (4) either one was driving without a license OR the other one was driving on a revoked license.

The police officer was going to write them a ticket, but when he went to his patrol car, he didn't have his ticket book with him. So, do you want to know what the kind officer did? He let them go.

My DH got home about 6:30 and before he could get in the house from his car, the school bus passed our house. The police officer let these 2 drunk men drive home while there were innocent children waiting on the roadside for the school bus to arrive, while there were innocent school bus drivers driving their routes to pick up these children and their job is for them to deliver these children safely to school, while innocent men and women were on their way to work.

I am so angry that I cannot even see straight. What about all the innocent people that were put in danger? I thought that the police were to serve and protect? I normally am all for the service people of our community and nation (police, fire fighters, rescue workers and so on), but today - I was very disappointed.

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Tima Murrell said...

Please report him! I just finished reading a story about a drunk driver that left a family with terrible medical problems and the girl is brain damaged because a police didn't make him get out of the truck and he left the scene. That officer needs to be reported!

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