Thursday, November 19, 2009

Easy Shorts

For next summer, if you want an easy way to make shorts for your child, here it is!!!

Bandana Pants!!!!

They are quick and easy, but if you have ever worked with bandanas before, you know that they are not a perfect square or rectangle (so that means your shorts won't be perfect). I figured my boys were so active that they couldn't be still long enough for anyone to notice. These are cute play shorts. They are inexpensive and if they get extremely dirty or ripped (I have 4 very tuff and tumble boys), it won't be the end of the world.

You can find the directions here. There are so many different bandanas out there that your possibilities are endless.


The Family of Logo said...

I have a local friend who made a pair for her 4-year-old over the Summer and I loved them! I was thinking of making a pair but we've been so blessed by hand-me-downs that it would actually be a nonessential! LOL!

Adelia said...

We just recently made some as well. I have 3 tuff and tumble boys. They love helping and we'll have several ready for next summer. Fun, fun project!

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