Friday, September 18, 2009

Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

Last year I made these 'Trick or Treat' bags for the boys for Halloween. The thin plastic bags never last, the orange and purple plastic pumpkins are big and bulky (not good to store for a year), and these are durable, washable, easy on the environment, easy to store and cute. Here are all 4 of the bags. I got the idea and pattern/instructions here.

I added a 'name plate' out of solid black fabric. I embroidered each of the boys' names on the black fabric (before sewing it onto the bag) in glow-in-the-dark embroidery thread.

I used black nylon webbing for the handles (just had that on hand). The Halloween fabric was on sale (and I thought it was cute). It was kind of busy though, that's why I used the black fabric for the 'name plate.' [If the fabric you use isn't so busy you could embroidery the name right on the fabric itself (without making a name plate first). Do your embroidery before you line the bag, that way the bag can become reversible.]

This is the lining of the bag. Very colorful fabric (goes well with the Halloween fabric on the outside), but not Halloween. It can be reversible and used at any time.

I used a scrap piece of corruplast (corrugated plastic) instead of cardboard or plastic canvas. It is more durable and again I had it on hand (you can't beat free).

Here is the corruplast inside the bottom of the bag. It just makes it sturdier and gives the bag a good squared bottom.

What do your kids use for a Trick-Or-Treat bag? I've heard of using pillowcases, that's a neat idea too. {You could make your own (out of cute Halloween fabric), see instructions here.}

**NOTE: We don't actually go 'Trick-Or-Treating' for safety sake. Our church usually sponsors a 'Trunk-Or-Treat' and the boys go there.

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