Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hacky Sacks for the Kiddos

My nephew asked me if I could crochet him a hacky sack.  So I searched the internet for patterns.  I found all sorts of free patterns for crocheted hacky sacks.

They don't take much yarn to make, so this is a great project for using up scrap yarn.  I even have some that I used several small pieces of yarn to make 1 hacky sack.

The ones using varigated yarn are great.  But my favorite look is the spiral one.  It is more complicated and takes 2 different colors of yarn, but it looks great.  (Spiral - top pic - it is the one in the bottom, right corner:  grey and burgandy;  in the bottom pic - it is the one in the top, left corner:  red and peacock blue).  Spiral pattern can be found here.)

I tried several patterns that I found and my favorite pattern for a regular hacky sack can be found here.  I modified it slightly to get the look I wanted (will try to post modifications later), but I did several exactly like the pattern and they look great!  She even has instructions on how to fill them.  She used old pantyhose (I used trouser socks.  I could get 4 hacky sacks out of 1 pair of trouser socks.)  Use what you have or what you can purchase cheap!

So then as I began to make one for my nephew, my boys wanted one and then I began to think it might be neat to give all my nieces and nephews one at Easter time.  So I kept making them.  (I think I made even more since the pictures were taken.)  They are fun and easy to make.  

The first few I stuffed with rice and then I found a bag of Poly Pellets that I had purchased awhile back and it was just laying around.  They boys and I have decided that we like the weight and feel of the ones stuffed with Poly Pellets best.

Note:  I had my Poly Pellets for awhile and when I went to my local craft store to purchase some more, they no longer carried them.  They called another one of their stores to see if they still had some in stock and they did so I was able to get more, but when they are gone, they are gone.  I did a quick search on Amazon and you can purchase some there.

These also make great stress balls.  Would be good for someone in a hospital, nursing  home, or hospice, someone that has to have therapy.  Can you think of other uses?

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