Friday, December 14, 2012

21 Days of Gratitude Challenge - Book Review.

I received this book for free from Shelley Hitz with no restrictions or stipulations. I want to tell you about it anyway. Shelley got the idea to write this book when she saw people posting each day on Facebook (during the month of November) things they were thankful for. While she thought that was a good thing to do, why only around Thanksgiving? Why not do it everyday?

It takes 21 days to create/break a habit, so Shelley has set her book up as a 21 day challenge. Each day she tells you what she is thankful for, gives secular quotes and scripture to go along with being grateful or the topic of the day. Shelley gives you 'Application Tips' if you need a jump start or if you are struggling with the challenge. (And you know that even the best people in the world have days that they struggle with being thankful.)

I sat down and read her e-book, from beginning to end. Now I am going back and trying to start a habit of seeing all the blessings that the Lord has placed in my life (instead of grumbling about all the stumbling blocks that Satan has placed there). I am on Day 5 and am really enjoying recording in my journal things that I am grateful for.

You can do an online journal (Shelley gives you links) or you can do a handwritten on (which is my personal favorite). After my mother passed, I realized that I had very few things with her handwriting. Also, my Aunt has my great-grandmother's journals and I love looking back and reading some of those. I feel that I know her better after reading them (especially since she died while I was very young). I hope that my 'Gratitude Journal' will be passed down to my children, grand-children and possibly further. I hope that they learn/know more about me when they read them. I hope I can possibly inspire them to be more thankful also.

If you have an opportunity, I suggest you read Shelley's book. Even if you don't accept her challenge, I think you will enjoy reading her book and be uplifted by it. I think you will get the most out of her book if you join her on her journey and accept her challenge to create a grateful heart.

Shelley's book is a concise book, that is easy to read and understand. I love the scripture that she has sprinkled throughout her book that supports what she is trying to do. I also love quotes (I collect them) and I have shared a few of hers on Facebook myself.

If you ready Shelley's book and accept her challenge, let me know what you think. What you think of the book, if the challenge was easy or hard (and what made it so).

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