Monday, October 31, 2011

Hello Again & Homemade Halloween Costumes

Sorry that I've been gone for so long, but my computer crashed and it took a little while to get it back (I lost EVERYTHING though). Then when I got it back, my camera died (and I think my blog is naked without pictures) and I just now got a new one. So, I have been crafting, but unable to take pictures of a lot/most of them (they were gifts and are now gone). The ones that I was able to hang on to, I will be posting about them later (if I don't forget).

I like to do homemade Halloween costumes. I think it is fun (since I like to make things), my kids have a-one-of-a-kind costume, and it is cost-effective (with 4 kids I need that badly).

Let's talk about cost-effectiveness for a minute. A cheap, purchased Halloween costume is easily $20 (or more if you purchase accessories to go with it) and I have 4 boys. Let's do the math $20 x 4 boys = $80. $80 / 2 hours of trick-or-treating = $40/hour. It would cost me roughly $40 per hour for my kids to wear their costumes. Not very cost effective. (I know, I could pass the costumes down to younger children. Let's look at this option: (1) cheap costumes will probably not last - had that experience before w/ just 2 children, (2) children have a mind of their own and will not want to wear their brother's costume from last year, they will want their own, different kids - different tastes. Again not very cost effective.) So we make our own (as inexpensively as possible). Plus, as a bonus - it's fun!

Champ (11) felt he was too old to dress up, so he is not in the pictures (no costume). Lee (12, soon to be 13 - not ready for a teenager just yet, but that's a whole other topic for another day) wanted to be the invisible man (got the idea from Martha Stewart Halloween Special Issue Magazine - the Vanishing Man page 48). Anthony (6) and Rance (5) were Angry Birds.

My idea was for all the boys to be a different Angry Bird and Frank & I would be the pigs carrying a bucket of eggs. That idea went out the door because my older boys have a mind of their own (can you believe that? - how dare they think on their own and not want to do what their mother wants them to do).

This is Lee as the invisible man.
Jacket, shirt & tie (already had items for church on Sun. mornings): cost $0
Hat (already had hat for family pix - hopefully to be made soon): cost $0 (originally $5, but no actual cost to the costume, b/c it was already purchased for another purpose)
Sunglasses : cost $6 (Dollar General)
Gauze: cost $2 (Dollar General $4 per package, only used 1/2)
Total cost: $8

Black Angry Bird
I purchased a black, knit hat from Wal-Mart ($2), this will also help keep his head warm in cool, Halloween weather w/o obstructing his view or putting something over his face (he would probably hate and not wear anyway after purchasing such mask had I done so). Felt squares 5 for $1 (yellow, tan, black, red, white), had enough to do 2 hats and plenty left over for another project someday. Then I just cut out and hot glued on. Total cost: less than $3. (Note: I put the beak up slightly too high, so when he wears it, the bird is looking up, but since he is a 5 year old little boys, adults and older children can still tell what it is - if I had to redo it, I would put the beak and face lower on the hat.)

I did purchase a black, fleece shirt to wear (to keep warm and match the black hat), cost was $8 from Wal-Mart (he can wear it all year long so that doesn't count toward costume only).

Red Angry Bird
I purchased a red fleece hat from Wal-Mart for $3 (used the felt mentioned in the Black Angry Bird hat - still plenty left over). Total Cost: less than $4

I purchased a red and black fleece shirt from Wal-Mart for $8. He can wear it all winter long.

Total Cost for 3 costumes (not including fleece shirts) was about $15 (if you include the 2 shirts at $8/ea. the total cost for 3 costumes = $31). I realize that I only had 3 dressing up instead of 4, but 3 kids @ $20/costume would still be around $60. I think I came out pretty good.

Here are all 3 of my Trick-or-Treaters.


Ysabella said...

Lovin' your Angry Birds cheap Halloween costumes! Never thought of that though. My son has one of those and I'll improvise it to get the same costume as you guys have.

Jena said...

Thanks so much. I love to be creative and I really like it when my kids think I've done something grand. I am so glad they prefer home made costumes to store bought.

Barbara Cook said...

Awww this is just great! My niece wants an angry bird halloween costume and I found this one. Although there are many ready-made costumes available in the stores, nothings beats the homemade. Thanks for sharing!

I also feature some DIY halloween costumes. Feel free to check out my post featuring homemade halloween costumes too for more ideas and costume options. I hope they may help :)

Happy Halloween!
Homemade Halloween Costumes

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