Thursday, April 7, 2011

Great Family Activity

I was looking through April's issue of Family Fun Magazine (I love, love, love that magazine) and on page 53 it talked briefly about Letterboxing. I have never heard of this. Since it was under 5 Ways to Get your family Outside, I was intrigued. The weather here is getting nice and warm and we are actually experiencing some sunny days. I had to try this.

The article in Family Fun Magazine said to find out more you can check it out at (and search for Letterboxing) or you can find the direct link here. The article also said to check out

I did my research (the link above) and went and bought a pink pearl eraser (2 for $1 at Dollar General) to make my own rubber stamp, I already had an ink pad, and I also purchased a book (archival safe - but it doesn't have to be) for the letterboxes that I find. Then I made my stamp (there are directions on how to do this - very simple) and I was ready to go.

Yesterday, Rance and I found our first Letterbox. It was like finding a treasure. We were so excited (you should have seen the expression on his face, you would have thought that we found real pirate's treasure). We went while the other boys were in school because I didn't know how difficult it would be and I was near one of the clues, so Rance and I looked. Today after school, I am taking all of the boys to look for another Letterbox. They can't wait.

I think that I want to plant a letterbox or two also. I will let you know if we decide to do that or not.

This would be a great on-going summer activity. We will get to see all sorts of places that we might not think to go to, it's great for all ages, it gets us outside to see the area around us, it is like a treasure hunt and it is something that we can all do together. I also love the book that we collect the stamped images on. It is like passport of all the places we've been/letterboxes that we've found.

We have gone geocaching with Cub Scouts before (Letterboxing is very similar), but you have to have a hand-held GPS, there isn't anything that you keep with you (unless you just keep a log for yourself) to see how many you've found. It's fun, but I actually like Letterboxing better (I think it is neat to see all the different rubber stamps - especially the hand made ones). When we found our first Letterbox yesterday, I looked through the book and saw all the stamps that people left (alot of them also told where they were from and when they found it).

If you've letterboxed before, let me know what you think. If you haven't, do you think you and your family would enjoy this?

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